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Biography of Michael Shedler

Hello and thanks for visiting my voice over website. I’m honored to have you as a potential client, and very glad to share a little about myself, and my journey into voice overs.  I hope to work with you soon.

Michael Shedler - Voice Artist

Michael Shedler Short Biography

Meet Michael

Michael Shedler is a lifelong lover of the arts who spent decades working in the entertainment industry as an advisor to creative artists, many of whom were voiceover actors.

From a very young age, he used his distinctive speaking voice and good ear to develop humorous impersonations of sportscasters, politicians, comedians, and many other memorable characters.

Michael’s voiceover clients, upon hearing what he can do with his voice in conjunction with his comedic timing, suggested that he consider a career in voiceover work.

Michael has performed on “Late Night with David Letterman”, “The Howard Stern Show”, and “The Morning Show” (Regis Philbin, Cyndy Garvey).

Michael graduated from the University of Maryland, is married and the father of two young adults.

He is based on the east coast.