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Here you can request  a free audition from voice actor and voice over talent Michael Shedler.

He’s always glad to offer a sample of his voice over work, based on your particular project.

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Michael Shedler Feedback

"It's so uplifting when you teach or coach someone, and they are very enthusiastic, and good at what they learn, that person is Michael Shedler. Michael has a very good ear for mimicking stars, sports figures, and basically anyone he puts his mind to. He also has a natural ability to make things funny, which works well with the characters he creates. He has in-born energy, and a can-do approach to all things VO. I see a great future in store for him."
As a veteran casting direct, producer and voice over coach, I've worked with or cast hundreds of voice actors. When you come across a voice talent like Michael, i is rare. He has a unique gift to puck-up on direction and deliver just the right sound for any project. As a character voice actor myself, I know when a talent has the goods. Michael is just that kind of talent. You're in good hands with Michael.
Anthony Reece
Casting Director & Voice Coach
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