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A voice artist who leaves an impression!MICHAEL SHEDLER A voice artist who leaves an impression!MICHAEL SHEDLER A voice artist who leaves an impression!MICHAEL SHEDLER
A voice artist who leaves an impression!MICHAEL SHEDLER
Decades of experience in the entertainment industry, Seen on David Letterman and more.
A voice artist who leaves an impression!MICHAEL SHEDLER
Voice overs and narrations for corporate projects, presentations, documentaries, and audiobooks.
A voice artist who leaves an impression!MICHAEL SHEDLER
Character voices and impressions for animations, games, cartoons, parodies, anime, and broadcast.


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Voice Overs That Leave an Impression!

Michael Shedler is proud to deliver modern voice overs, narrations, characters and impressions for your multimedia, broadcast and animation projects.

Ask for a free audition today after you listen to his voice over demos. Get a no hassle quote as well now.

Professionally Trained

Michael has been formally trained in all genres of voice overs at VO101 by veteran voice over coach Anthony Reece.

Professional Recording

Michael records all voice over content on state-of-the-art microphones, in a noise-free, acoustically controlled room.

His Difference...

Why Michael is Unique!


An ability to deliver casual reads in an everyday voice.


The skill to turn on a more professional tone and feel.


Fast 24-hour turn-around on most recording projects.


Creation of voice overs in a user friendly feel.


Flexibility offering a wide range of styles and moods.


After decades in the industry, he is part of your team.

Featured Video...

Michael Shedler Featured Video Demo

Check out his current featured video demo and request a free audition today.  As you will hear, Michael is a diverse, all-around narrator and voice artist ready to serve your voice over recording needs. Be sure to listen to all his demos here and discover why Michael Shedler is an in-demand voice talent.

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How He Works...

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Michael Shedler Feedback

"It's so uplifting when you teach or coach someone, and they are very enthusiastic, and good at what they learn, that person is Michael Shedler. Michael has a very good ear for mimicking stars, sports figures, and basically anyone he puts his mind to. He also has a natural ability to make things funny, which works well with the characters he creates. He has in-born energy, and a can-do approach to all things VO. I see a great future in store for him."
As a veteran casting direct, producer and voice over coach, I've worked with or cast hundreds of voice actors. When you come across a voice talent like Michael, it is rare. He has a unique gift to pick-up on direction and deliver just the right sound for any project. As a character voice actor myself, I know when a talent has the goods. Michael is just that kind of talent. You're in good hands with Michael.
Anthony Reece
Casting Director & Voice Coach

Voice Over Training Certificate

Michael has completed in-depth voice over training with Anthony Reece 35-year casting director and veteran voice over coach of VO101. You can rest assured that you are working with a well trained professional voice artist.

vo101 graduation certificate michael shedler